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A Grateful Perspective

A mindset of gratitude is about leaning into the feeling of appreciation, goodness or thankfulness. By finding a moment to pause and be grateful encourages a shift in our emotional state to a more positive perspective to what is good in our lives.

The Law of Attraction is the idea that whatever you focus your attention on, will be attracted into your life. Or the "what you think about, you bring about" philosophy. If you are putting thought into love and appreciation, you will attract love and appreciation. If you are focused on obstacles and challenges, you will likely attract more obstacles and challenges.

You do not need to buy into the Spirituality aspect to get behind the idea of gratitude or the benefit that comes from being grateful. Taking a moment to pause and consciously give thanks for the good you have, allows you to see more of that good in the every day. Because you are looking for it. By focusing on the positive, it opens you up to see more of the positive.

During times of struggle and in challenging situations, when we find something to be grateful for, it opens our minds to the possibility of there being some good. Gratitude for the lessons that are learned during a difficult time. Even when they are tough and uncomfortable.

The Practice

Find a quiet space to write out 10 things you are grateful for. The list can be as macro or micro as suits you and what comes to you while writing. Here are some examples:

- I am truly grateful for a nice hot shower before work this morning.

- I am so grateful for a fridge full of ingredients to make a healthy dinner.

- I am truly grateful for my energetic dog as she gets me out on daily walks, regardless of weather.

- I am so grateful for a reliable vehicle that safely gets me around town.

- I am truly grateful for a job where I have colleagues who have supported with this tough project.

- I am so grateful for a house full of loud, happy kids.

- I am truly grateful to notice the beautiful changing colours of a Nova Scotia fall.

After writing out the 10 things, read each one of them out loud, with conviction. Feeling full appreciation for each thing you are grateful for as you read it.

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