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Evolve or Repeat

As someone who can tend to get caught up in repetitive thought, the idea of having the conscious choice to evolve or repeat resonated with me. My stubborn brain and heart can have a hard time moving on, getting stuck on the idea of something or someone that I know deep down know is time to let go of.

Evolve or repeat.

Evolving requires moving on. It means we leave places, people and things behind. It also requires that we take new lands and burn the boats...something that most people don’t want to do. Unless they feel they have no choice.

Until then, we hit repeat.

Sometimes, we revel in the comfort of knowing what to expect. Even if it’s not serving us. And even if it’s toxic.

As spokes in the wheel of nature, we are meant to evolve as the seasons of life change. And though we may feel familiarity through some of these seasons, the truth is that not one is ever the same.

We grow, we learn, we age, and one day...we die. This is what we are meant to do.

- Mandy Trapp

After reading this, it gave me the opportunity catch myself when stuck, second guessing a decision or overthinking possible outcomes. If I have been here before, it allows the ability to consciously ask myself...

  • Am I choosing to evolve into something new or repeat old patterns?

  • If repeating, what other lessons are here for me to learn and grow from?

  • How is revisiting this thing allowing me to evolve, grow and learn?


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