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Enjoying Vegetable Preparation

Let's be real, veg prep is messy and time consuming. There have been moments where I found myself rushing through feeling annoyed by the process and mess. It was in one of those moments of frustration that I had to get real with myself and the fact that cooking and eating vegetables was not a task I could escape. It is a lifelong commitment to eating healthy.

The lesson from that unnecessary frustration? Learning to actually enjoy the process of peeling, cutting, shredding, chopping and spiralizing. It started as the best kind of dance party and has become my favourite way to unwind after a long week.

5 ways to find mindfulness when preparing vegetables:

  1. Notice the colours, smell and texture of your raw veg. A carrots bright orange, slightly sweet smell, and hard crunch. The dark green and earthy smell of kale.

  2. Focus on your posture and stance, taking the time to connect with a few slow and steady breathes while you chop.

  3. Slow down when peeling and chopping to a tortoise pace, connecting with the methodical part of the process.

  4. Find gratitude for how the ingredients made it into your kitchen as you prep. The farmer that grew the kale from a seedling. The transportation to get it to the store. The person who helped you. The abundance to pay for it.

  5. Try a new way of cutting or chopping. If your typical go to is carrot sticks, trying slicing them diagonally. If you normally use a knife to cut lettuce, try tearing it by hand.

After a meal is prepared and you sit down to indulge, take a moment to be thankful for what is on the plate and the effort that went into it. Enjoying the meal with recognition for the time and care that went into preparation.

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