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Diets vs Elimination Protocols vs Habits

The reality is, diets don't work. They are often a dramatic change from current habits which are not sustainable long term. If you have ever tried a diet and are not currently still a keto lifer, point proven. Diets are typically geared around food restrictions that can create negative behaviours, including our mental and emotional relationship with nourishing the body.

Here are some diet behaviours that prove why they don't work and how they are not sustainable long term:

  • The diet starts Monday! So I am going to eat my way through the crap food in my cupboards this weekend.

  • Counting macros and calories to meticulously track everything you eat, becoming obsessive to stay within set parameters.

  • Only eating "safe" food and declaring to never eat your favourite treat again. - How is that food enjoyment?

  • Proclaiming keto, gluten free or veganism for weight loss or the way for life.

  • Working out to pay for "bad" eating choices. OR earning a Big Mac because you killed it during that workout.

  • A "cheat day", turned rampage of food consumption.

  • "Falling off the wagon."

  • Feeling guilty for having your favourite treat.

Elimination Protocols

This is a massive change approach aimed at re-establishing health through restricting a variety of foods for an extended period of time and then mindful re-introduction to understand the bodies inflammatory response. This approach is for someone who has been living with pain, discomfort or is in a health crisis and has a desire to navigate healing. It is a big commitment of evaluating behaviour to gain an understanding of their body and what lifestyle factors play a role in systemic inflammation.

The positive benefits of this dramatic approach of elimination and re-introduction is that the extensive process (often months) creates awareness to the bodies response. It focuses on learning to navigate triggers and what feels good to create a positive relationship by listening to the body.

Building Healthy Habits

The slow and steady approach that starts with creating awareness of our current eating habits, hunger cues, likes and dislikes, to create a foundation in our relationship to how we nourish and feed the body. This focuses on small adjustments and making conscious food choices to how we nourish the body.

The process of gently integrating and layering choices that build on making balanced decisions in healthy living. Taking pause to understand cravings and evaluate how the body is getting fueled considering both indulgence and nourishment.

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