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 About Laura 

Laura's journey to healthy living started in early 2004 when she came across yoga as a way to help with stress and anxiety while studying at university. After feeling the immediate benefits of meditation there was no looking back and she has been a student since, completing training in Hatha Yoga, Sivananda Yoga, and BEology mindfulness-based practices.


With a keen interest in learning how to live with an autoimmune condition, Laura became a Holistic Nutrition Consultant. This developed an understanding of the bodies response to what we eat and the importance of creating nutritional awareness. She recognizes the importance of establishing a foundation of healthy habits through mindfulness techniques to achieve health goals.

Strength training, hikes, walks, yoga and meditation all have a positive impact on Laura's physical and mental health. Some day's it feels good to grind it out and kick your own butt, while the next the body needs the yoga mat. There is an ebb and flow when connecting with what the body needs day-to-day between dynamic movement and stillness. 

Laura is passionate about helping people create awareness on what the body needs to nourish, move and rest day-to-day. Establishing a mindful approach to life-long healthy living. 

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Nutrition Nerd  

Movement Enthusiast 

Mindfulness Advocate 

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